The Complete Guide to Getting Fit After 50

When was the last time your waistline was flat, firm, and defined?

Are you intrigued at the idea of appearing younger than your biological age?

When was the last time you felt super sexy?

Get Firm, Strong, and Flexible

Develop lean muscle, reduce belly fat, and improve posture and joint mobility.

In Silver and Strong: Getting Fit After Age 50,” I explain exactly how to craft a Fitness Comeback Plan that specifically meets the needs of your unique body and lifestyle.

This new course is designed in a specific sequence to help you achieve a next-level of robust health – with high-value nutritional strategies that will have an amazingly positive impact on your physique.

You could look and feel better than you ever have before.
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The Best Year of Your Life Hasn't Happened Yet

This Program Gets Increasingly Easier with Time

Do you know that you can get in better shape more quickly than most 30-year olds by applying an easy step-by-step system to shed those pounds, get healthy, and boost your confidence?

You Can Lose 20 Pounds in 3 Months

Lean muscle is energizing! This course shows you – step by step - exactly how to get leaner, stronger, and to look better than you have in years.

I'm 55. I Feel Better Now Than I Did 25 Years Ago. MUCH Better.

How many people my age do you know running around with defined abdominals

And it’s so easy to get it done, once you know how. Trust me.

I’ll tell you more about my secret method (and how you can apply it to your own life ) in a second. But first let me tell you a bit about myself. 

My name is Dane Findley and I’m not some enthusiastic 20-something year old offering to get mature people into shape. I’m a professional fitness and pilates trainer with a degree in psychology, and I myself am the proof for the methods that I’m about to teach you.

And it’s all thanks to one huge epiphany I had several years ago, while I was still working as a therapist in Los Angeles. 

It’s Not About Fat Loss, It’s About Reducing Inflammation

My Road Back to Health

No joke. Reducing inflammation is the key.

I had always thought of my daily diet as being healthy.

But when I turned 50, I started feeling bad. 

My body was going through some really negative changes, and it was going fast!

My skin would break out, I often felt pinpricks on the soles of my feet, my back and ankles became tender, I had some difficulty swallowing, and my hearing and eyesight began to worsen at a pace that felt alarming.

Though I had already been exercising regularly and eating healthier than the average American, my doctor determined through lab tests that my immune system was confused and attacking my body’s own healthy cells.

I was encouraged to try an advanced-level anti-inflammatory daily diet to determine if my autoimmune issues could be reversed.

The standard modern daily diet has many foods that provide temporary comfort and are fun to eat. That is, they are fun to eat while you are eating them.  However, as soon as you are done eating, that fun feeling often evaporates.

That Doctor Probably Saved My Life!

Accelerated aging is caused by inflammation, which can be radically diminished by making key nutritional upgrades, or – conversely – significantly increased with unfortunate snacking.

I eventually realized that, for me, accelerated aging is too large a price to pay in exchange for brief moments of mouthfeel and the sweet buzz of a sugar rush.

It was all about longevity versus short-term sugar rushes.

It was all about stopping myself from becoming immobile and brain-fogged while getting old, remaining able to live a full life, and to keep traveling the world. 

And I knew that if I ever retired from my job, I wanted enough time and physical energy to actually do whatever I liked with my time – or to be able to keep working until a high age if I wished to do so. 

(If you have kids or grandkids, this is probably even more important to you).

Thanks to this doctor, I changed my habits, and managed to turn my life around and get into the best shape of my life – all while being 50+ years old.
"Just about any body composition problem you have is mostly a diet problem, not a training problem.” 


• I'm deciding to be bold. 
• I'm willing to be decisive. 
• I want to be a proactive person.
• I choose to believe I'm worth it.

I'm going to take action!

Is this course for women or men?

This course is for everyone in the second half of their lifespan.

For Men: Specific lifestyle hacks – based on recent scientific research – are included in the course to help men become potent and robust – and quite possibly stronger than they have ever been in their adult life. Additionally, muscle-building nutritional strategies are included that align with the male psyche and help the new, healthier habits to stick. Particular attention is spent on providing solutions to help abdominal muscles become visible again (hint: it's about reducing inflammation)!

For Women: In terms of physique goals, many women prefer to emphasize definition and shape. They would rather have sleek, shapely, firm muscles (rather than large, bulging ones). The secrets to achieving this physique are inside the course.

Women manage their nutrition differently as well. The secrets to meeting the dietary requirements and psychological satiety for women are included. Some of the tips may surprise you (hint: women require a certain amount of healthy fats to maintain proper hormone regulation)!

30-Year Olds Have NOTHING On Me – And Neither On You!

Since I guess it’s unusual in the U.S. to see a silver-haired man my age with a lean and muscled body composition, I’m often asked questions about nutrition and fitness.

I have crafted the Silver & Strong Course as an answer to those questions – to help others over the age of 50 take their health, wellness, and physique to the next level – in small, simple, easy-to-implement, realistic steps. 

Scientists have long since proven how humans are able to make permanent, positive changes to their weekly habits.

They’ve identified “Stages of Change” that people move through when successfully taking their health and fitness to the next level.

The most important of these stages is “Preparation” – and that is exactly what this course accomplishes for you. It helps you to prepare your lifestyle to accept new self-care protocols with the least amount of resistance so that improved health becomes your New Normal.

Silver and Strong: The Complete Guide to Getting Fit After 50” is a step by step plan – designed in a specific sequence to help you achieve a new level of robust health and fitness.

As you will see, this course is more than just a fitness training for people above 50 years of age. 

It’s a complete system for well-being and living a healthier, hopefully longer life – constructed on the basis of my lifelong expertise as a therapist with a degree in psychology as well as a professional fitness and pilates trainer.

Together, we will take a holistic approach in order to reach your goals of getting well, tackling each of the following four areas:

Fit Over 50: The Silver & Strong Method

1. Improve Your Nutrition

Improving the quality of your daily diet – meals, snacks, and drinks – is what matters most, because inflammation is a primary cause of disease and accelerated aging.

2. Improve Your Sleep

There are few things more ​restorative​ and ​healing​ than getting consistently excellent sleep every night. We will upgrade your sleeping chamber and patterns.

3. Improve Your Movement

Instead of focusing on one type of exercise only, you will rotate different types of exercise each time, so your body never fully adapts and you stay in the results-zone.

4. Improve Your Psyche

The joy you feel correlates with your willingness to continually find better ways of metabolizing life’s daily little anxieties. You will learn simple and effective ways to do so.

Reach a New Level of Fitness

Finally, you can have more physical energy, a firmer, more flexible body, and defined abdominals.
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Get Healthier on the Inside (and Look Better Naked)

Would you enjoy looking better naked?

We all would – it's just human nature.

What if – when others looked at you – they could see your strength, your excellent posture, the supple way you move, your confidence, and the radiance of your skin?

Are you tired of being overweight, sick of trying to change your habits – starting to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle – just to fall back into the same old bad habits?

I know how that feels. Don’t beat yourself up. 

Let me tell you: It isn’t your fault. You have been misinformed

It’s true.

When you put in effort, went on a diet, struggled at the gym a few days per week, and that early success just didn’t come in, it’s only natural to get frustrated. It’s understandable to give up. 

And so you did. 

But let me give you some good news:  life doesn’t have to be this way.

It used to be, for me – but not anymore.

And it’s not just my body that changed. It’s everything. Ever since, people even respect me more. 

When they look at me, they see discipline, strength, endurance, and they respect that. They notice how much more confident I have become. 

That’s what happens, you know? 

Once you shed those pounds, you will be proud about your achievements, you will feel sexy

As a matter of fact, you WILL be sexy. People will be attracted to you – not only sexually – they will want to conduct more business with you, or just generally be around you.

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Most importantly though, you will feel better about yourself. You will feel comfortable. And you will be healthier than ever before. 
Your posture will improve. 

Your energy level will rise. 

You’ll become stronger and more flexible. 

And you’ll experience an unquestionable reduction in belly fat.

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But What If...?

What if it doesn't work for me? My body is just different. This stuff never works out for me.

While it's true that bodies differ and some might react faster to new lifestyle habits than others, my promise remains valid:  you will feel better and look better. If you follow the guidelines and still don't believe your life has improved in some way, I will refund your money – no questions asked.

I have tried so many different diets. Why should your course be any different?

Well it’s not. It really depends on you. Do YOU want to be and remain healthy? Do you WANT to have a firm and athletic body? Do you want to prolong your potential lifespan by at least 12 years? Then you have to make some choices and stick to them.

With that being said: you will actually have a very high chance to stick to the Silver & Strong method, as I have broken it all down into an easy step-by-step method that you will implement day by day, one action at a time, one habit at a time, so that you won’t feel the usual overwhelm that other diets and workout plans put you through.

My expertise in the field of psychology will also help you to evolve your mindset and clear your thinking. I’ve done my best to make it super easy for you. But at the end of the day, you have to want it, too. The course doesn't do all the work for you. You still have to do the work.

What you are saying is not really breaking news. Why should I buy your course instead of just doing this by myself?

You might think that you don’t need this course in order to get in shape. That you can use some of the information I have already given you, or research some information online and then just apply it on your own.

And you’re right. You could do that.

But you probably have 17 other things you also have to do. And while you could do it yourself, should you? It will take you hours and hours of research, and you will most likely end up more confused than before you started, due to all the different theories, claims, and studies you’ll find on the numerous blogs out there.

You will have to spend more time researching the validity of those. What that will probably result in is: you will feel overwhelmed and won’t take any action.

The information has been around – just a few clicks away. 

However, I’m assuming that you haven’t reached your goals anyway, or you would probably not be reading this right now. 

But you are, and it shows your determination. It shows what you want your life to be like.

Signing up for this course will be the fastest shortcut you can take to reach your goals to get a fit athletic body and a strong and happy mind. You will get the exact small steps you have to do for each single day… and all you have to do is to follow them. 

This is a blueprint for you to follow that someone of a mature age has laid out for you, who has already succeeded in reaching the same goal you are after.

So, would you say doing it on your own would really be the best way to move forward? Or is this just the voice of the procrastinator in you that is trying to keep you from actually taking real steps to change your life?

I would love to try this out…but I'm just too busy!

That little voice inside your head that is always around to keep you from making a big change in your life is probably the one telling you that you are way too busy to do a course like this at the moment. 

Ignore that voice. The Silver & Strong course is set up in a way that you basically just change the way you are doing things and replace them with better ways of doing the same things. 

It doesn’t require that much more time other than adding a bit of movement to your day and some meal-prep. Many studies have shown that doing that will actually enable you to perform at a much more efficient level, so that the time invested into this course pays off double: you will look and feel better while improving your performance at work.

Will this work if I only change my diet? I hate working out!

Don’t worry if you don’t like doing sports. We will find ways for you to get moving that you will actually enjoy.

The quick results you will be experiencing will also change your attitude – so that you actually start enjoying many of the things that now may seem boring or overwhelming to you.

However, also keep in mind that this course is a holistic approach that does include improving your diet, your movement, your sleep, and your thinking! In order to reach your full potential, you should open up to working on all of these areas.

Are these methods really healthy?

There is no universal panacea.

I wish I could promise you that you’ll live happily, healthily, and energetically until age 100. But I can’t make that promise.

What I ​can​ do is steer you toward a number of proven good choices and good habits that could make a very real and significant difference in your quality of life.

My passion in life is synthesizing research and providing others with shortcuts to extreme health.

This course is ​not​ intended as a substitute for medical advice. The results may vary from person to person. I encourage you to consult with your medical doctor regularly. If there is a difference between what this course suggests and what your doctor suggests, I ask you listen first to your doctor. He or she knows you better. You deserve to have a doctor who is insightful and kind. If you haven’t yet found the doctor who is a good match for you, I hope you’ll make it your mission to locate one.


For those who purchase the coursebook, I'm also providing access to The Longevity Lifestyle Club – a password-protected membership site where you’ll find bonuses such as additional sample menus, workouts, videos, success tips, and more.

Access to The Longevity Lifestyle Club will not last forever. I'm offering it only as a bonus with the coursebook purchase for a limited time. 

Are you ready to feel better, look better, and be healthier on the inside? I encourage you to act swiftly. 

Anyone can follow this simple system!

What Your Peers Say about Over Fifty and Fit

"I am an orthopedic surgeon and want to thank you for your inspiration of wellness, self-care and weight loss. I read your blogs and watch your fitness videos to apply them to my life. Over the last year, I’ve been able to lose 34 pounds. I share your site and links with others.” –A.J.
"Thank you for preparing and sending — probably the best material I’ve read all year. Really."
"I must give credit to you for helping me, as I am sure you have helped many. I am starting to care about my physical health again. Your suggestions help me to remember how important it is to change behaviors in order to adapt and deal with difficult situations. Learning is a lifelong process, isn’t it? Thank you for your generosity.”
"It inspires me to know that just because this didn’t happen for me in the first half of my life, that it doesn’t mean I can’t look great the second half of it. You are proof. You are inspirational.”
"You’ve been a true inspiration to my fitness goals and my healthy nutrition choices. I decided to build a home gym and have included most of the equipment that I see you use. I’ll be 60 next year and feel great (mind, body and soul) plus my wife says I’m really hot! Thanks for sharing what you believe in.”
"I admire someone like you out there teaching other people. You’re inspirational!  I’m 52 – but don’t use the computer much – you’re my only subscription I have! Or want!”
"Of all the ‘stuff’ out there, I like yours the best. Quick, concise, accurate.”
"Dane, your entire product is awesome, have not seen anything in a full year watching you that isn’t top notch; thank you.”
"Your program is just what I needed to pull me back on track.” 
"This dude gets it! If you are ‘older-ish’ and into fitness or want to be, Dane covers all the bases. So glad I found this site. I have literally been looking for this sort of relevant fitness info for years!"
"I’ve lost 16 lbs in 3 weeks since you motivated me."
"Your life is full of encouragement and motivation. Your efforts spent in writing such inspiring articles is worth it and deeply appreciated. You’re aging gracefully – and your positivity in life is contagious. We need individuals like you to show us that anything is doable in life despite one's age."
"I am 63 and since discovering you on Pinterest and subscribing to your weekly update I have lost 60 pounds in weight, have become fitter than I have ever been, have got my blood glucose under good control, and feel great!  Your emails have inspired me beyond anything else, so thank you for your time and energy!"
"Thank you for all you do. You are a tremendous inspiration and you provide the best information!"
"I love your blog, I love your content, and I love what you stand for. I've worked my way through your site and every post that I've read, especially your personal development ones, deeply resonate with me. So thank you for all you do and for being such a beacon of light in this oftentimes dark world. I especially love your focus on cultivating more joy." 
“If everyone over 50 would implement the steps in Silver and Strong, relationships would improve, energy levels would increase, productivity would skyrocket, and time in the doctor’s office would decrease. Just do it. You can’t help but improve the quality of your life.”
Stephen J. Anderson, Executive Coach
"It’s not just about body composition (adding muscle tone while reducing fat cells), it’s also about extending the number of healthy years in the lifespan. It’s about DNA repairing itself instead of degenerating."
Or, if you've decided that your own health is a priority and refuse to procrastinate any further, purchase the coursebook now.

Silver and Strong: A New Course for Getting Fit After Age 50

Feel fantastic again! This course is designed for the sole purpose of helping you get healthier quickly. You'll see a visible difference.
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About Dane Findley

Dane has a masters degree in Counseling Depth Psychology from Pacific Graduate Institute. Past professional adventures include being a Therapist and Discharge Planner at a Dual-Diagnosis Hospital Inpatient Treatment Program, Digital Marketing Director for a real estate brokerage – and decades spent as a professional fitness and Pilates trainer. Today, Dane is a Healthy-Lifestyle Advocate and curates the Quality of Life Newsletter – a weekly update for those who seek more joy.
(*as always, consult with your doctor before undertaking any new lifestyle changes, including exercise and diet; results may vary from person to person.)